for Republican State Executive Committee
District 20

Meet Lulu Elam

Your conservative voice in the SEC – District 20

I am a native Nashvillian, a 7th generation Tennessean, and an American who is grateful for our country.  After graduating from Stanford University, I returned home to Tennessee and dedicated my life to my family, my faith, my community, and my country.

Our local communities are the bedrock of our country.  As a wife, mother, grandmother, and woman with conservative Christian values, I have served my family, friends, and local community as a participant and sponsor of many church and outreach organizations, as a Court Appointed Special Advocate for Children in Foster Care (CASA), as a volunteer to register voters, and as an advocate for the inclusion of all our varied communities and voices.

The US Constitution delivers tremendous gifts of freedom and rights to our citizenry and powerful truths for governing a civil society.   As Past President of Nashville Right to Life, I believe that babies in the womb have rights as citizens. I believe strongly in other tenets of the Constitution, including the right of citizens to bear arms, the duty of the federal government to provide a strong national defense, and in the benefits and liberties that come with economic freedom and personal responsibility.

The principles on which our nation was founded have served us well for over two and a half centuries.  I care deeply about getting us back on the right track by recruiting candidates to represent our values, solve real problems, promote opportunity, and protect our freedoms … especially free speech on which all other freedoms rely upon.

It is my hope to strengthen the Tennessee Republican Party, to make it as effective and inclusive as possible.

Please join me in this pursuit.  I would be honored by your support, your involvement, and your vote. ​

A vote for me on August 4th is a vote for a strong Tennessee and strong communities.

I want to help!

There are many ways that you can volunteer to help Lulu Elam’s campaign for State Executive Committee in District 20. Contact us today and we will connect you!